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@thereal2trill “Julio” on YOUTUBE🔥🔥🔥🔥 NOW!!! Hating bitches reported my first upload 🦊💦👌COMMENT HOW YALL LIKE THE SONG❗️❗️❗️

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do what you want❤💕

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Don't worry be happy.!💋❤

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///Keep your head high,And your middle finger higher///🍃 . . . . . . . . . . Pc-@merwyn_dlima

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FREESTYLE🕊💔OPS😏 @ashdon_f_ 📷 ❤️

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I ❤️ Adam Sandler, and all I think of is him and piña coladas and getting caught in the rain 📷: @blhxphoto

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All you ever wanted was someone to love you, that matches your efforts #family #love #loyalty @diddy

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•put me underneath god’s sky and know me... don’t just see me with your eyes... take away this mask of flesh and bone and see me... for my soul... alone•

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"moving on and getting better."🥀

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В перерывах между постами о колористике хочу поделиться с вами одним из моих любимых скетчей про глаза. #postabout 👁 Глаза всегда были для меня больше, чем просто органы чувств. Они словно точка пересечения внутреннего и внешнего миров человека. Неудивительно,что глаз служит воплощением контакта и посредничества. 👁 C древности за глазом признаётся способность не только к восприятию, но и к любому направленному вне активному действию (магическому, психологическому, физическому). ✨ 👁 Часто глаз (бога) может выступать как самостоятельный мифологический персонаж (солнечный диск, Око Ра), либо как «инструмента» для проявления и проецирования силы мысли. ✨ Это делает глаз наиболее «активный» из телесных органов и символом способности к духовному выражению, а также знаком небесных богов, управления и царственности. ✨ А Как существенная составляющая человеческой мимики лица , глаза служат средством выражения внутреннего состояния человека (его чувств, эмоций, состояния души и мыслительных процессов). 👁 #глаза #greeneyes #eyes #blueeyes #jackpot #postsketch🔜 #миф #brows #мифология #postpol #postmodernart #makeup #art #скетч #instaart #illustration #face #художник #рисую #вдохновение #follow #лицо #красиво #amazing #artwork #hardwork #like #скетчреализм

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@kripticz_juul wish my neck existed......

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Beautiful girl, you can do hard things🍁🌈 #blackgirlmagic👑 #blackdontcrack S/o to all girls doing their thing. Real deal🌟

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hai guest😥

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FREESTYLE🕊💔OPS😏 @ashdon_f_ 📷 ❤️

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🙃NoT fiRst tIme❤ foR❤ eVeRy thIng🙃 Creditzz...@sandy❤

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The Reality on🌎

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@thereal2trill “Julio” on YOUTUBE🔥🔥🔥🔥 NOW!!! Hating bitches reported my first upload 🦊💦👌COMMENT HOW YALL LIKE THE SONG❗️❗️❗️

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I decided to pursue a career in music since I already live that LIFE💯🔥👑🎶 my first Freestyle 😌🤷🏽‍♀️COMMENT WHAT YALL THINK ❗️❗️❗️

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Ghosti Boi👻

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i relate

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Bigpretty feet yummy!!!

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con sangre nueva, indestructible 🔪

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𝕾𝖎𝖈𝖐 𝖔𝖋 𝖇𝖊𝖎𝖓𝖌 𝖙𝖎𝖗𝖊𝖉

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i spoke to the world, you didn’t listen. How else could we end up in this position? What the fuck is the pope, to a christian? FUCK A RELIGION they were established for division, systematic control, they got ahold of your soul like a convict on parole. You better watch your step, or find yourself crossing swords with death, too many “mornings” & “wakes”, the reaper’ll take your breath, too many bartering fakes, & they all scrambling for cake..these niggas only gamble their fate, throw their life away . i speak to my people, you should listen, but you rather watch the Simpsons, TVs keep brainwashing billions, end up lost like Wilson, subconsciously, making children comfortable with reptilians, they’re normalizing cloning and pedophila, this country eye am disowning & boycotting media.. Vain philosophies will make you question your own existence. Your hypocrises were identified by my opening sentences. Cause who are you? You suffer from a personality complex, but in reality, it’s just an insecurity reflex ⚠️⚠️⚠️ They’re just selling you hope, & i quote, the lying preacher spoke “If you want God’s salvation, send $100 right now.” & continued “Sow a seed today, and all these blessings can be yours” hahaha, i rather walk my doG until im bored, quite frankly, fuck you don’t thank me & no, you CAN NOT pray for me, i rather watch grass grow, it’d be more logicial than helping your cash grow. You babyfaced, effeminate, fast talking snake, eye will eliminate, won’t contemplate, i concentrate, & pray to the Most High for guidance, always complicant, in silence, in him eye am reliant, forever delighting in the light i walk, no time to talk, took the path never traveled, so watch my future unravel ⚠️⚠️⚠️